Professional Rights & Responsibilities




Committee News:

The next meeting of the Professional Rights & Responsibilities Committee will be announced shortly as the committe members are currently up for election this fall. If you are interested in becoming a committee member, please be sure to nominate yourself at your first building faculty meeting.


The Professional Rights & Responsibilities Committee, also known as the Grievance Committee, is working hard to address all member grievances. A grievance is a problem arising out of the interpretation of the contract which effects the conditions of employment of a member, a group of members, and/or the entire association.

The committee would like to let members know what channels are available to them, should they have an issue or concern at any time during the school year:

1. Speak to your Building Representative - they can often solve building related issues prior to a grievance.

2. Speak to your building level Professional Righs & Responsibilities Committee Member - they may be able to offer additional support in mediating the problem.

3. Keep a paper trail of all materials pertaining to the issue or concern. If no such trail occurs, get in the habit of following up verbal meetings with an email confirmation.

4. Finally, if needed, complete the NHEA Issue/Concern or Grievance Form, which can be found here or can be obtained from your Building Representative.


Professional Rights & Responsibilities Committee Members:

Chair: Jane Sanford

North Haven High School: Donna Doyle & Paula Galasso

North Haven Middle School: Sean Laydon & Ellie Mulligan

Clintonville Elementary: Jessica Stonaha

Green Acres Elementary: Joan Verrillo

Montowese Elementary: VACANT

Ridge Road Elementary: Sheryl Holle