NHEA Member Information


Here you will find information about our membership, contract and benefits, and issues of concern. Be sure to visit other areas throughout the website which will pertain to specific committee information, upcoming conferences and events, as well as contact information for committee chairs, building representatives and affiliates.

Constitution: The NHEA constitution governs the association. The newly revised copy was distributed to all members in hard copy in Feburary of 2016, you can also access the constitution by clicking the link.

Contract: Click to view the 2016-2019 NHEA Contract. CEA will require you to login to their membership only section to continue.

Issue/Concern or Grievance Form: Click to download. Once completed forms can be given to your Building Representative or a member of the Grievance Committee.

Weingarten Rule: Dubbed, "Weingarten Rights" from the 1975 NLRB v. J. Weingarten, Inc. Supreme Court Case, upholds the decision that all employees have the right to union representation at investigatory interviews. The Weingarten Rights simply put are: the right to be informed, in advance, of the subject matter of disciplinary interviews; and, the right to union representation in such interview. Click to read more about your Weingarten Rights.

Member Benefits:


cea CEA offers members exclusive discounts on merchandise, travel, insurance, entertainment, personal legal services and more! Visit CEA Member Benefits at or by clicking the CEA logo above.

neaNEA offers members a variety of benefits and support including discounts on travel, insurance and financial advice. To see all NEA Member Benefits has to offer, visit or click the NEA log above.