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Political Action Items

From Capitol Hill to the classroom, your voice and your membership matter! The NHEA, CEA and NEA are actively involved in the fight to protect the education profession and teacher rights. Below you will find various ways for you to get involved and make sure your voice is heard when it matters most!

2017 Legislative Session:

The 2017 Legislative Session is upon us. As educators it is our job to stay informed and stay involved. CEA is active at this year's legislative session once again to advocate for all members. There are many concerning legislative bills up for discussion this year already including Right to Work, Special Education, Student Data Rights, Voucher Programs and various attacks on Unions. In addition, the Governors proposed Education Budget threatens the quality of public schools in the state of Connecticut. Read CEA Executive Director Mark Waxenberg statement on the education budget here. Member's are also encouraged to read CEA's 2017 Teacher Priorities which can be found here.


Contact your State Representative & State Senator!

Tell them how you feel about current education issues! Stay up to date by reading emails from NHEA & CEA. You can email and call your representatives through the following link or phone numbers:

Link to legislators contact information and email, click here.

State Democrats: 1-800-842-1420 or State Republicans: 1-800-842-1421


Shiny Apple or Rotten Apple?


Are your state legislators supporting teachers, students and public education in Connecticut? Or are they working hard against you? Reach out to those advocating for teachers and students and thank them. Be aware of those focusing on anti-education and anti-union legislation this session and let them know about your concerns! Find a comprehension guide to your local leaders by visiting CEA's list of shiny apples here or rotten apples here.


Connecticut General Assembly:

This is the official Legislative site for bills, legislation, statutes and sessional activity. Visit here to find all information regarding what is currently happening on Capitol Hill.

CEA GO: The Fastest Way to Stay Informed!

CEA has a fast new way for members to stay informed while on the go, sign up for CEA GO to receive the lastest news briefs, call to action items and general information right to your phone or email! For more information or to sign up, visit CEA GO by clicking here.


NEA Today Action: Education Votes!


Visit NEA's Education Votes site to share your story and read about other actions you can take to make sure your voice is heard on the issues that matter the most! Up to date information on how to contact your legislature, the upcoming elections and other hot button issues are also covered.


Join NEA's EdJustice!


NEA's exciting new platform allows you to stay connected and get engaged on the issues you care the most about. NEA EdJustice engages and mobilizes activists in the fight for racial, social and economic justice in public education. Find timely coverage of social justice issues in education and ways you can advocate for our students, our schools and our communities.